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Event Announcement: Agriculture’s Opportunities in the Green Transition

Event Overview
Join Danish ALFA Hub (FBCD) for an insightful event focusing on agriculture’s role in the green transition, hosted at the Gråsten School of Agriculture. This event is a collaboration between the ALFA project and GreenFarm. It explores how Danish agriculture can navigate and mitigate the impacts of a future CO2 tax. With expert insights and practical solutions,  it delves into the options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the agricultural sector. Topics include the utilization of biogenic CO2 and financing the green transition.

Location : Gråsten School of Agriculture, Fiskbækvej 15, 6300 Gråsten, Denmark

Date & Time: 12 June 2024, 09:30 – 15:00 CET

Language: Danish

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Mark your calendars and be part of this seminar! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the green transition in agriculture and network with industry experts

For questions please, contact Michael Stöckler

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