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General Information


Need for Support

Put in order of relevance the reasons why would you decide to realize the biogas plant  *

earn money selling biogas/methane or electricity to the grid
reduce the farm energy consumption
reduce the problem of manure management
implement a circular economy best practice
improve the fertilizer value of the animal manure
self sufficiency / independence

Innovative and Sustainable Practices

From scale 1 – 5 (1 = no level of innovation and 5 = high level of innovation) indicate the level of innovation in your organisation
From scale 1 – 5 (1 = no level of sustainability and 5 = high level of sustainability) indicate the level of sustainability practices in your organisation.

Replication potential

Would you share your experience and knowledge with other similar farming contexts to encourage the replication of biogas solutions?

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Informed Consent Form

Who we are:

We are Q-PLAN International Advisors P.C. and we are contacting you in the framework of ALFA, a project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Project: Scaling up the market uptake of Renewable Energy Systems by unlocking the biogas potential of Agriculture and Livestock FArming (GA Number 101075659).
Address: 11 El. Venizelou str, 55133, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Phone: +30 2310 411 191
Responsible persons:

ALFA Project Manager
Ioannis Konstas ( )

Hub Manager
Andromachi Kalaouzi (

Data Protection Officer
Petros Papadionisiou (
What do we need from you?
If your project is selected to become one of the ALFA awardees, you will receive business and technical support services for market uptake. These services will be carried out by ALFA experts.
The support services are expected to be delivered and last for approx. 2-4 months.
To effectively conduct these support services, we need to process some of your personal data:
  • Your contact details (full name, email, phone number);
  • Some basic demographics (age, gender);
  • Your professional info (organization, job position, field of expertise);
  • Your project info;
  • Your opinions on the subject matter.
Why do we need your data & what will we do with them?
We need your data to contact you to plan and carry out the aforementioned business and technical support services and to resolve any ambiguities, questions and other issues that may arise after and as a result of the services received. We also need to record your data to keep track of the support service process. The project’s deliverables that will be derived by the support services will not include your personal data or any other information that could identify you. Your personal data will remain on our application documents.  If necessary, we will share your data with a few other ALFA project partners that are also involved in this task. We are also obliged to grant access to your data to:
  • EU officials such as our Project Officer for purposes related to project’s evaluation.
  • EU agencies and other authorities for project’s auditing purposes.
We would also be very happy if you gave us your consent to inform you about the project’s progress (e.g., by sending you a newsletter or similar messages).
How can you withdraw your consent?
You should know that you can withdraw your consent at any time by communicating either on the phone or by email with the responsible persons listed in the previous page. With regards to the informational messages and newsletters you can always opt out by simply clicking the link ''Unsubscribe'' or something similar included at the end of all the relevant messages.
I hereby give my consent to the processing of my personal data needed for: (Please, tick the boxes below to confirm that you give us your consent for the respective subject. Any boxes left unticked mean that you do not consent to the relevant subject.)
Statement marked with [*] is required.

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