We’re thrilled to announce that the service provision process has officially commenced for our 29 deserving awardees! Following the meticulous completion of the matching phase between awardees and service providers, we’re now kick start the biogas market uptake!

Next Steps:
Our dedicated ALFA partners will be reaching out to each awardee to set the foundation for service provision. They’ll also be gathering essential information to ensure a smooth experience for all involved.

What to Expect:
The initial round of service provision is anticipated to conclude by June. Following each service, a concise report detailing the results will be shared with the awardees.

In addition, a second round of applications is scheduled to open in autumn 2024. This presents another opportunity for individuals and organisations to participate and contribute to the initiative. Nevertheless, you can express your interest from now, via e-mail to konstas@qplan-intl.gr and kalaouzi@qplan-intl.gr.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue this journey of support for our awardees and details regarding the upcoming application round are released.


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