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A spatial analysis of biogas potential from manure in Europe

This study provides an assessment of the spatial distribution of the biogas potential of farm manure from livestock and poultry in Europe, which is a key issue for the location and economic performances of a bioenergy plant. Case Study European Comission English 2018 PEDAL Consulting

Agricultural biogas plants in Poland: Investment process, economical and environmental aspects, biogas potential

This study provides insight about agricultural biogas plants in Poland. It desribes the investment process, economical and environmental aspects, as well as the usage of biogas potential in Poland. Case Study Other English 2012 PEDAL Consulting

The utilization of biogas in Slovakia

The paper finds potential of biogas acquisition from the agricultural biomass /excremental and energetic farm crops/ in Slovakia for the energetic purpose. Document Other English 2014 PEDAL Consulting

Changes in the area of permanent grassland and its implications for the provision of bioenergy: Slovakia as a case study

This study presents an assessment of changes in the permanent grassland area with reference to Slovakia and provides an assessment of the bioenergy potential of permanent grassland surplus to agricultural needs. Case Study Other English 2017 PEDAL Consulting


This article discusses the issue of hazards associated with the operation of biogas plants. Case Study Other English 2012 PEDAL Consulting

(Stop) burning for biogas. Enabling positive sustainability trade-offs with business models for biogas from rice straw

The aim of this research was to develop business models and assess their potential for improving energy access, agricultural practices, and empowering local rice-growing communities. Case Study Other English 2020 PEDAL Consulting

Early phases of the business model innovation process for sustainability: Addressing the status quo of a Swedish biogas-producing farm cooperative

This qualitative study, which takes an action research approach, explores the early phases (initiation and ideation) of the business model innovation process for sustainability at a biogas-producing farm cooperative in southern Sweden. Case Study Other English 2018 PEDAL Consulting

Business modelling in farm-based biogas production: towards network-level business models and stakeholder business cases for sustainability

In this study, a team of researchers took an action research approach that proposed solutions for the financial difficulties at a farm cooperative that intended to develop its farm-based biogas production. Case Study Other English 2019 PEDAL Consulting

Where AD plants wildly grow: The spatio-temporal diffusion of agricultural biogas production in the Czech Republic

This paper analyses the diffusion of agricultural AD plants in the Czech Republic, focusing especially on locational characteristics in relation to the quality of agricultural land, agricultural and population census data. Case Study Other English 2016 PEDAL Consulting


The paper deals with an agriculture production analysis of biogas plant in the Czech Republic and evaluates the eff ect of input-factors and their relevance. Case Study Other English 2016 PEDAL Consulting

The Influence of Investment Costs on Biogas Station Development and Their Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Czech Agriculture

The paper present the results for the influence of investment costs into biogas station on the amount of emissions from the agricultural sector. Case Study Other English 2016 PEDAL Consulting

Biogas in Europe: Food and Beverage (FAB) Waste Potential for Biogas Production

The aim of this paper was to give an overview of the biogas market in five countries (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Poland) and to compare the potential of renewable energy sources from the food and beverage (FAB) industry waste. Article Other English 2015 PEDAL Consulting

Agroforestry: A solution to farming’s biggest problems?

Video desribes what the agroforestry is and how it can make agroculture more sustainable. Multimedia / Video Other English 2021 PEDAL Consulting


This publication has aims to highlight the benefits of biogas plants and offer a new perspective on the negative perceptions associated with their operation. Document Other Slovak 2021 PEDAL Consulting

Prospects for the development of biogas use in the EU and Slovakia

Article discusses the application possibilities of biogas and the search for alternative feedstocks for biogas production. Article Other Slovak 2019 PEDAL Consulting

Energy potential of digestate from biogas plants for production of solid biofuels

Purpose of of this study is to highlight the high energy potential of digestate and the possibilities of its economically efficient processing into solid biofuel. The study summarizes research in the field of energy recovery digestate from biogas plants. Case Study Other Slovak 2022 PEDAL Consulting

Biogas: developments and perspectives in Europe

This paper presents an overview of the development and perspectives of biogas in and its use for electricity, heat and in transport in the European Union (EU) and its Member States. Document European Comission English 2018 PEDAL Consulting

Farmer's willingness to adopt private and collective biogas facilities: An agent-based modeling approach

This study investigates the behavior of Swiss farmers towards anaerobic digestion and the potential impact of changing incentives. Case Study Other English 2021 PEDAL Consulting

Identification of critical safety barriers in biogas facilities

The aim of the study is to systematically investigate the hazards associated with biogas production and upgrading using a specific methodology (DyPASI - Dynamic Hazard Identification Procedure). Case Study Other English 2017 PEDAL Consulting

Towards a sustainable capacity expansion of the Danish biogas sector

The paper is structured around a case study including four Danish municipalities in order to demonstrate the power of the spatial multi-criteria evaluation model. Case Study Other English 2014 PEDAL Consulting

Lactic acid from mixed food wastes at a commercial biogas facility: Effect of feedstock and process conditions

The study assessed lactic acid production performance and the impact of mixed food waste feedstocks and process conditions. Case Study Other English 2021 PEDAL Consulting

Value of batch tests for biogas potential analysis

Method comparison and challenges of substrate and efficiency evaluation of biogas plants. Document Other English 2018 PEDAL Consulting

Odour impact from farms with animal husbandry and biogas facilities

The aim of this study was to identify relevant odour sources, to record odour impact, and to determine the main variables influencing odour impact. Case Study Other English 2018 PEDAL Consulting

How Food Waste Becomes Fuel

The video gives an insight into how food waste can be used to produce biogas ( namely Vegetable Biogas, Coconut Briquettes, Argentinian Biologs and
Tofu Biogas).
Multimedia / Video Other English 2023 PEDAL Consulting

Biogas plant - how it works, what it is useful for, what it looks like

The video offers a insight into how the biplane station operates in Pooslaví Nová Ves, Czech Republic. Multimedia / Video Other Czech 2021 PEDAL Consulting
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