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ALFA is offering free, customized support for biogas projects in the livestock sector, including business and technical assistance, mentoring, networking opportunities, and capacity-building activities.

The ALFA project aims
to accelerate the adoption of biogas solutions, actively supporting over 50 projects in deploying biogas systems through demand-driven services in two rounds for a comprehensive and impactful engagement. We are glad to announce that the 1st Open Call has just been launched. If you interested in biogas solutions in livestock sector, do not miss the opportunity to apply! Open until 29th February, 2024 17.00 CET!

Unleash Possibilities with Our Offerings

Unlock the Biogas Revolution in Livestock: Two Rounds free of charge Business and Technical Support!

Who can Apply

Livestock farmers without biogas plants, that want to install a biogas system (lever of readiness of investment)

Livestock farmers with biogas plants, that want to improve an existing biogas system

Biogas plants using manure among other feedstock

Farmers associations that want to install/ improve biogas system

Energy community that wants to install / improve biogas system using manure among other feedstock

Stakeholders that are interested to invest in livestock farming with biogas solutions

Services Portfolio


Market Research

Identification of target market, Analysis of external environment (PESTLE), Market overview (quantification, trends, competitive analysis) and market attractiveness (Porter’s 5 forces).

Business Modelling and Planning

Development of innovative business models tailored to the participant’s needs and specificities (for the energy and the digestate), based on the Business Model Canvas methodology.

Corporate and Sustainable Finance

Assessment of the profitability of the potential investment made to implement/ improve a biogas system (IRR, ROI, NPV, CapEx, OpEx, etc.).

Access to Finance

Identification of European, regional and national financing opportunities to implement biogas technologies in livestock farming, with step-by-step directions on how to secure it.

Farmer to Farmer Advice

Mentorship and knowledge exchange from farmers (who already have been incorporated biogas solutions on their premises) among livestock farmers who are interested in such an activity (supported cases).


Concept design and development of biogas systems

The conceptual design includes critical aspects of biogas production such as the determination of plant size and design as well as the selection of appropriate technological solutions.

Evaluation of biogas potential based on preliminary calculations

Selection of suitable mixtures of substrates that will provide high biogas yield through the implementation of preliminary calculations. Biogas yield should be taken into consideration as it is highly associated with biogas productivity.

Energy and environmental analyses assessing the energy and carbon footprint across the life cycle

Evaluation of the environmental impacts stemming from biogas production through Life Cycle Analysis. LCA will contribute to the identification of the most environmentally damaging stages and investigate scenarios in terms of various critical parameters such as different feedstock types exploitation with respect to environmental aspects.

Consultancy on the implementation and monitoring of biogas solutions (including operation and maintenance training)

Contribution to the monitoring of biogas plants and to the organization of efficient operations. Interaction with the collaborating farmers to eliminate potential concerns and obstacles.

Technical support for farmers in the evaluation and comparison of plant suppliers’ quotes

Support the choice of optimal technical solution for biogas and biomethane production in their farm.

How to apply

Online Form

The user fills-in a form online
with basic info for his/her project

Step 1: Register on the ALFA Engagement Platform.

Step 2: Confirm the registration through your e-mail.

Step 3: Fill in the short online application form and the Informed Consent Form.

Step 4: Confirm all the provided information sent to your e-mail

File Uploading

The user fills-in a form with basic info
for his/her project and upload the files

Step 1: Download the Application Form (incl. Informed Consent Form)

Step 2: Register on the ALFA Engagement Platform.

Step 3: Confirm the registration through your e-mail.

Step 4: Upload your file with all the information filled in.

Step 5: Confirm all the provided information sent to your e-mail

Please note that: Registration to the ALFA Engagement Platform is required to gain access for applying to ALFA support services.
There are no differences between the two ways of application, depend only on the users preferences.

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Terms of Reference

Read the Open Call


Read more details in Terms of Reference for the procedure in this file.

Need more help?

Communicate with our Hub Managers in local languages.

What we need from you

Share your basic project information to define the current state along with your goals, as well as any detail relevant to the service.

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15 Dec 2023 – 29 Feb 2024

Application period

29 Feb 2024 – 8 Mar 2024

Evaluation, selection and matching

11 Mar 2024 – 14 Jun 2024

Action plan, service povision and feedback

Selection Criteria

Replication potential
Level of innovation potential
Environmental Benefits
Women engagement
Geographical spread
Clear need for support


The selection process will assess the applicant projects solely on the objective selection criteria and not on any extraneous considerations or biases related to race, colour, age, or religion, or any other characteristic ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates.

A fair and transparent selection process provides every candidate with a fair and equal opportunity to compete for selection. Background checking through reference checks and identity checks help in keeping the selection process fair.

Selection Process

The above-mentioned criteria distinct from the eligibility requirements, but prove a transparent and fair selection process, ensuring equal opportunities for candidates. The commitment to transparency extends to conducting evaluations without biases related to race, colour, age, or religion, or any other characteristic ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates. The ALFA selection committee, compromised by the ten consortium partners, tasked to assess the projects of the abovementioned criteria. In this round of calls the twenty-five projects with the highest scoring are selected to engage further with the ALFA experts and receive ALFA market uptake support services.

Consortium Partners

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